Using the Rating

Our primary objective is to enable the exchange of information between Instrument Rating holders in Europe, so helping them make the most effective and safe use of the rating.

The articles below contribute to this by covering many aspects of using the IR including flight planning, equipment, weather issues and other safety issues. The forums are available to comment upon, or discuss issues arising from, the articles.

Most of the articles have been contributed by members. If you have an idea for an article that would be of use to other members, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Links to other sites are informational and included for the benefit of our members, and do not imply endorsement of the external site or its content.

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The ILS that nearly killed me (Sep 2007)
Death, when it came, would have been only simulated, but important lessons were learned
28 Dec 2014 Nigel Everett 1197
Self Flown GA IFR Transport (Aug 2007)
An excellent treatise by Vasa Babic on the benefits and pitfalls of personal flying IFR - full of excellent tips and guidance - a must for anyone thinking of embarking on serious GA transport.
28 Dec 2014 Vasa Babic 2326
Who’s afraid of crying wolf? (July 2007)
Many aircraft crash without so much as uttering a cry for help. Ole Henriksen wonders if some pilots fear the words more than the emergency
28 Dec 2014 Ole Henriksen 1003
Flying in Scotland (July 2007)
Next to possibly Norway, Scotland has some of the best flying in Europe; beautiful scenery, mountains, lochs a rugged sea coast and largely uncontrolled air space it also has some of the most unpredictable of weather.
28 Dec 2014 Cameron Aitken 1039
Collision avoidance in a GPS environment (July 2007)
David Cockburn discusses GPS safety
28 Dec 2014 David Cockburn 1068
The haves and the have-nots (July 2007)
Those who have and those who haven't landed gear up
28 Dec 2014 Ole Henriksen 1107
Terrain depiction in Jeppesen FliteStar (Feb 2007)
The Jeppesen digitised terrain data in FliteStar is poor. It seems to systematically understate the terrain around mountain peaks by 500-1500’ and, in places, by over 3000’
28 Dec 2014 Vasa Babic 2043
The mystical art of spark plug maintenance (Jan 2007)
The proper way to check and clean spark plugs
28 Dec 2014 Jim Thorpe 1351
Beyond the PPL/IR: an overview of recurrent and advanced training (Dec 2006)
This thorough article is about the options a PPL/IR pilot has for further training beyond the initial Instrument Rating and its annual JAA re-validation or FAA Flight Review (BFR).
28 Dec 2014 Vasa Babic 2684
RADAR (Sep 2006)
The evolution of radio detection and ranging
28 Dec 2014 Peter Berry 1195


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