Using the Rating

Our primary objective is to enable the exchange of information between Instrument Rating holders in Europe, so helping them make the most effective and safe use of the rating.

The articles below contribute to this by covering many aspects of using the IR including flight planning, equipment, weather issues and other safety issues. The forums are available to comment upon, or discuss issues arising from, the articles.

Most of the articles have been contributed by members. If you have an idea for an article that would be of use to other members, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Links to other sites are informational and included for the benefit of our members, and do not imply endorsement of the external site or its content.

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Instrument approach protection areas (May 2010)
How IAP protection areas are calculated
28 Dec 2014 Nick Gribble 1185
IR baby steps - flying to Austria (May 2010)
A relative newcomer recounts an early trip.
28 Dec 2014 Graham Duffill 1756
Engine management for normally aspirated engines (Jan 2010)
This article provides some very general tips on management of the larger Lycoming or Continental engines, particularly in high altitude flights, in normally aspirated, not turbocharged, aircraft.
28 Dec 2014 Peter Holy 1181
Don’t ditch the NDB just yet! (Jan 2010)
When you need the NDB near the sea
28 Dec 2014 Douglas Baillie 1297
Terminal Charges - An Explanation (Jan 2010)
Alan South explains how Terminal Charges are calculated.
28 Dec 2014 Alan South 1560
Around the world (Nov 2009)
Feroz Wadia, Will Gray & Mike Start recount their round-the-world trip
28 Dec 2014 Multiple authors 1724
Flying approaches the GPS way…(Sep 2009)
GPS offers the simplest, the easiest and the most consistently accurate help that we pilots have received for a long, long time.
28 Dec 2014 Jodie Anderson 1253
A double GPS failure on the same day (Sep 2009)
Despite all its benefits, it is quite easy to get the impression that GPS is the work of the devil and woe betide anyone foolish enough to entrust themselves to it.
28 Dec 2014 Alan South 1152
Keeping it Simple (Sep 2009)
Steve Copeland writes about how much easier it is to fly IFR than some may think
28 Dec 2014 Steve Copeland 2283
An irreverent look at ATC (May 2009)
When we learn to fly, our hands are full and our ears are trying to keep up with the constant talk in our headsets. The last thing we are going to do is query any instruction from the ground.
28 Dec 2014 Adèle Stephenson 1650


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