Using the Rating

Our primary objective is to enable the exchange of information between Instrument Rating holders in Europe, so helping them make the most effective and safe use of the rating.

The articles below contribute to this by covering many aspects of using the IR including flight planning, equipment, weather issues and other safety issues. The forums are available to comment upon, or discuss issues arising from, the articles.

Most of the articles have been contributed by members. If you have an idea for an article that would be of use to other members, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Links to other sites are informational and included for the benefit of our members, and do not imply endorsement of the external site or its content.

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Title Modified Date Author Hits
Man versus machine (Sep 2012)
Geoff Prout on the perils of over reliance on our avionics
28 Dec 2014 Web Editor 1489
How to help your wife enjoy flying and keep flying yourself (July 2012)
Judith Niechcial offers some practical tips from her experience as a flying non-pilot partner
28 Dec 2014 Judith Niechcial 1676
Gaining TB20 KLN94 GPS approach approval (FAA) (July 2012)
Peter Holy describes both the technical and bureaucratic aspects of gaining this approval
28 Dec 2014 Peter Holy 1921
FPL 2012 - Notes for Members (May 2012)
30 Dec 2014 Vasa Babic 2256
IFR Outside Controlled Airspace in the UK (May 2012)
For the benefit of our continental members, Timothy Nathan explains the UK system
28 Dec 2014 Timothy NathanL 2068
Departure Procedures (May 2012)
Nick Gribble describes a key underlying principle of SID design, and its practical implications for a safe departure
28 Dec 2014 Nick Gribble 1331
Understanding Weather Minima under EU-OPS (Mar 2012)
Vasa Babic explains minima in the context of changes brought about by EU-OPS
28 Dec 2014 Vasa Babic 1707
Getting consent for LPV - Where is it heading? (Jan 2012)
Paul Draper outlines a development of great promise for GA instrument flying, or will over regulation kill another opportunity for Europe's aviation industry?
28 Dec 2014 Paul Draper 1254
Flying in icing conditions (Jan 2012)
Anthony Bowles explains why flying in cloud below 0 degrees C need not always be a show stopper
28 Dec 2014 Anthony Bowles 1671
Commercial vs Private IFR (Jan 2012)
Timothy Nathan draws out the differences and shows that there are limits as to how far PPLs can claim to meet CAT standards.
28 Dec 2014 Timothy Nathan 1481


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