Using the Rating

Our primary objective is to enable the exchange of information between Instrument Rating holders in Europe, so helping them make the most effective and safe use of the rating.

The articles below contribute to this by covering many aspects of using the IR including flight planning, equipment, weather issues and other safety issues. The forums are available to comment upon, or discuss issues arising from, the articles.

Most of the articles have been contributed by members. If you have an idea for an article that would be of use to other members, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Links to other sites are informational and included for the benefit of our members, and do not imply endorsement of the external site or its content.

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10 Things to Know about PBN (Jan 2015)
Julian Scarfe tells us what we, as pilots, need to know and understand about PBN.
17 Jan 2015 Julian Scarfe 2818
Airfield Notes
An alphabetical list of airfield notes contained in the Airfield Notes forum from the PPL/IR Europe Members' Forums.  
28 Dec 2014 Derek Fage 21923
Expert pilots make better decisions because their brains behave more efficiently (Dec 2014)
A new study has found that expert pilots’ brains process visual data more efficiently, allowing them time to make better decisions when landing.
28 Dec 2014 Web Editor 1501
Approach Chart Quiz (Dec 2014)
The weather at Bodmin is poor due to low cloud. "What are your intentions?"
30 Dec 2014 Graham Whittle 1655
Pop-Up Airways Crossing Clearance Procedure (Dec 2014)
Examples of how to cross low level Class A airways.
28 Dec 2014 David Chambers 3008
Socata TB21 Trinidad (Dec 2014)
With the aim of flying more hours and more instrument flights, looking for a high performance single.
28 Dec 2014 Paul Turner 4122
Kenyan Safari (Aug 2014)
Kenya in a Beech Bonanza
28 Dec 2014 Anthony Bowles 1749
Approach Chart Quiz (Aug 2014)
Leeds Bradford airport is good place for a visit to Leeds or Harrogate. Why would you want to go to Bradford?
28 Dec 2014 Graham Whittle 1298
ADL110 Flight Test Report (Aug 2014)
Helge Ammenwerth flies a Wassmer Guepard CE43 (SEP) equipped with ADL110
28 Dec 2014 Helge Ammenwerth 1235
Bringing EGNOS Benefits to the GA Community (Aug 2014)
EGNOS allows flying LPV approaches, which are ILS look-alike approach operations based on satellite navigation
21 Dec 2014 Víctor Álvarez & Carmen Aguilera 1730


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