Using the Rating

Our primary objective is to enable the exchange of information between Instrument Rating holders in Europe, so helping them make the most effective and safe use of the rating.

The articles below contribute to this by covering many aspects of using the IR including flight planning, equipment, weather issues and other safety issues. The forums are available to comment upon, or discuss issues arising from, the articles.

Most of the articles have been contributed by members. If you have an idea for an article that would be of use to other members, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Links to other sites are informational and included for the benefit of our members, and do not imply endorsement of the external site or its content.

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Title Modified Date Author Hits
Checklists are Vital (Oct 2013)
Many of the checks we chant like some religious mantra are irrelevant and occasionally a serious distraction.
28 Dec 2014 Jim Thorpe 1729
Air Traffic Control in Basel (Aug 2013)
A visit to Basel Airport’s air traffic control unit: useful snippets to the IR community.
28 Dec 2014 Ben Hines 1081
SOPs on the ILS (June 2013)
An Article from AvWeb about sticking to personal SOPs on an approach.
28 Dec 2014 Web Editor 1706
Minima calculations made easy (June 2013)
Graham Whittle makes light work of seemingly complicated calculations
30 Dec 2014 Graham Whittle 3551
Rocket Route to Garmin GNSx30W (June 2013)
getting flight plans into a GNSx30 device without the extensive knob-twiddling entailed in the manual entry method
30 Dec 2014 Markus Doerr 1948
Desirable destinations (June 2013)
Alan South and Jorgen Behrens describe some of their favourite places for a few days R&R
28 Dec 2014 Alan South & Jorgen Behrens 1559
GPS Approaches - Different Types (May 2013)
Classifications of GNSS Approaches
28 Dec 2014 Web Editor 2023
Human Factors and Personal Limits (April 2013)
Your own personal limits. What are they? At what point do you decide not to go?
28 Dec 2014 Klaas Wagenaar 1248
SkyDemon goes IFR! (April 2013)
SkyDemon just got much, much better for PPL/IR members, because it is beginning to support serious IFR Airways operation.
30 Dec 2014 Timothy Nathan 5152
CDFA for the NPA (Feb 2013)
John Shannon discusses the Continuous Descent and ‘Dive and Drive’ techniques for non-precision approaches
28 Dec 2014 John Shannon 5409


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