Spring Meeting and AGM - May 2018

The spring meeting of PPL/IR group, held at Mitchell Hall, Cranfield University, Cranfield Airport on Saturday 12th May.

This years spring conference was held at Cranfield University and Airport again this year. We had approx. 70 attendees and 25 aircraft flew in from all over Europe.

The airport and University again did a very good job in handling the aircraft in and out with a minimum of fuss, although the flying school were a bit miffed about not being able to fly for a couple of hours whilst we came in and out in the morning and evening. Facilities were handled by Mitchell Hall in the University and the room and food were well appreciated by all.

The program featured Graham Mountford and Colin Winter from AKKI aviation in Turweston, who gave an update on the changes to maintenance rules coming from EASA and occasioned a lot of questions and debate.

This was followed by Alec Hurley, from Minerva Aviation, who gave a very entertaining informative talk on hypoxia and the effects of altitude on the body. He based his presentation on the first air accident on the record. The crash was attributed, at the time, to the fact that, against the advice of his father, flew too high  and too close to the sun that the wax on his wings melted. Alec took us through a detailed and illuminating analysis of why this explanation was very unlikely and it was much more likely that he suffered from the affects of hypoxia!

After lunch we had a presentation from Paul Sherry and Julian Scarfe on PBN and the new licence requirements. This was a cut down version of the presentation given at Friedrichsafen Aero which was very well recieved. The full version is attached.

Finally, Bob Darby and Julian Scarfe gave a presentation on Conspicuity Management Changes and the GAINS project. All these presentations except for Alec's (for copyright reasons) are posted below.


 Changes in Maintenance Management - AKKI

Performance Based Navigation for GA pilots - Julian Scarfe/Paul Sherry

GAINS - General Aviation Improved Navigation and Surveillance - Julian Scarfe

Electronic Conspicuity - Bob Darby

AGM 2018 - Chairmans Report - Collin Williamson

AGM 2018 minutes

The afternoon finished with the formal AGM, including Chairman’s report, presentation of Accounts, re-election of directors, and finished with a vote of thanks from all present to  Paul Sherry who has carried out the role of chairman and prime mover in the organisation for several years and we are to thank particularly for his determined efforts to get the EASA STC approved for the Garmin GNS 430/530 series.

The general feedback was good about the facilities, food and agenda with plenty of time to network.


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