APS is Coming to Europe!

(Advanced Pilot Seminars)

This highly-regarded seminar will debut in Kortrijk, Belgium on the weekend of June 23-24-25, 2017, under the auspices of HOWEST (University of Ghent, faculty Kortrijk) and the PPL/IR-Europe pilot group.

Think of your flight training, whether it was last year, or fifty years ago. Chances are you got very little conversation, much less training on how to handle the engine in different phases of flight, and even less on proper leaning, and why. You may be wary of the red knob (Mixture), with admonitions like “Don’t touch it below 5,000,” and “Lean it until the engine gets rough, then enrich until the engine runs smoothly.” (Both are BAD ideas!)

With the cost of engines and fuel today, you and your family deserve better! We now have the wonderful “Engine Monitoring Systems,” but do you know what they MEAN? Many think they are most useful for leaning, but this IS NOT TRUE. They MONITOR your engine, and tell you how it’s working, sometimes far in advance of trouble. APS teaches you the MEANING of those pesky parameters, and what to do about them! We also teach when and how to use rich of peak (ROP) and when and how to use lean of peak (LOP). Is your engine ’set-up right’? Do you want your expensive engine to last longer? Prevention is better than cure.

APS deals with the many myths about detonation, pre-ignition, engine roughness and other anomalies, ALL WITH FACTS (not opinions), and HARD DATA from real airplanes and the World’s most sophisticated test stand. We often have the parts from “problem engines,” the recorded data, and the pilot’s account of “What happened.” You will not see this anywhere else!

Come and join us for a fun filled weekend, and a lot of education!

More information is available here.

This information is available as a leaflet/poster/flyer: APS is coming to Europe


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