PBN Manual Updated

PPL/IR Europe is pleased and proud to announce that a new update of the PBN Manual is now published and available as a PDF File.

Vasa Babic's superb RNAV Manual has been revised and updated again by John Shannon and Timothy Nathan with great help from David Chambers, Julian Scarfe, Vasa Babic and Ed Bellamy.  It now embraces and properly explores concepts which were unimagined or in their infancy at the time Vasa wrote Edition 1.0 of the RNAV Manual, such as PBN, RNP, SBAS, LPV and much more.

The Manual is intended to provide a foundation and remote learning course for the expected forthcoming compulsory EASA PBN exams and skills tests.

The Manual will be available from the website bookstore very shortly.


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