PPL/IR Europe are pleased to be able the following books for purchase:


 PBNManualV2FrontCover165 PBN Manual 200 pages long and fully illustrated throughout, this book will appeal to anybody who wants to know more about PBN, RNP, RNAV, GNSS, glass cockpits and flying with them. Written and edited by PPL/IR Europe members Vasa Babic, John Shannon, David Chambers and Timothy Nathan, who are acknowledged experts in the field and will make you an expert too! Includes: PBN, RNAV and RNP theory; GNSS Navigators; RNP (GNSS) approach procedures; and much more besides.

For UK deliveries, the cost of the book is £30 (inc P&P). Order Form.

The PBN Manual is also available free as a PDF File.
 EIQCover165 European Instrument Flying Qualifications 250 pages long and fully illustrated throughout, this book describes in detail how to train for and use the CBM IR, EIR and IR(R). It was written by experienced instructors, ATO holders and pilots with thousands of hours flying GA aircraft under IFR. Includes: Choosing the right qualification, TK, Requirements, Choosing your training method, Core skills, detailed descriptions of how to use the qualifications in practice and much more besides.

This book is available free as a PDF File.


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